Yichen Sheng

I am a PhD candidate at Purdue University. My PhD advisor is Bedrich Benes. I am interested in computer graphics and computer vision problems. To be specific, I am trying my best to make images look better by neural rendering.

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Dr.Bokeh: DiffeRentiable Occlusion-aware Bokeh Rendering

Yichen Sheng, Zixun Yu, Lu Ling, Zhiwen Cao, Cecilia Zhang, Xin Lu, Ke Xian, Haiting Lin, Bedrich Benes
> proj > arxiv > video

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PixHt-Lab: Pixel Height Based Light Effect Generation for Image Compositing

Yichen Sheng, Jianming Zhang, Julien Philip, Yannick Hold-Geoffroy, Xin Sun, HE Zhang, Lu Ling, Bedrich Benes
CVPR 2023 (highlight)
> proj > arxiv > video > code

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Controllable Shadow Generation Using Pixel Height Maps

Yichen Sheng*, Yifan Liu* (R.I.P.🕯️), Jianming Zhang, Wei Yin, A. Cengiz Oztireli, He Zhang, Zhe Lin, Eli Shechtman, Bedrich Benes. (*Joint first author)
ECCV 2022
> proj > arxiv > video > Adobe Max

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SSN: Soft Shadow Network for Image Composition

Yichen Sheng, Jianming Zhang, Bedrich Benes
CVPR 2021 (oral)
> proj > arxiv > video > code

Projects & Blogs

Some interesting projects I worked and blogs I wrote.

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GPU Ray Marching in Fragment Shader


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Spherical harmonics and soft shadows


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